Thursday, March 17, 2011

Download Socially 3.05 for Nokia N8 or Symbian^3 Device

Download Socially 3.05 for Nokia N8 or Symbian^3 Device- Nokia Smartphones, Do you ever heard about socially app? Socially is usually a application for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Foursquare. Socially at this moment launched version 3.0.5 Beta for the Nokia N8 or another Symbian^3 device, along with bug repairs and developments on Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook.
Download Socially 3.05 for Nokia N8 or Symbian^3 Device

For your information, Socially is a cell phone application that allows you to monitor lots of the friends you're linked to on several social networking sites. Feel free to use Socially to trace latest activity of friends on various social networking sites. In facts, Socially additionally demonstrates to you up-to-date social understanding of the callers throughout an incoming call and also as notifies on the mobile phone desktop (home) screen, making it possible to have greater interactions.

Here are Changelogs of Socially app for Nokia N8 or Symbian^3 device::
  • Facebook: Increased UI for looking at pictures and capability to comment and like pictures.
  • Twitter: Innovative tweets instantly displayed in Timeline, Mentions, Profile, Trends and Search results and not having to refresh your mobile phone screen.
  • Foursquare: Power to additionally publish your Shouts and Check-ins to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Desktop Alerts: Approximately twenty five alerts every five minutes and Power to turn-off the audio for alerts
  • Bug fixes: Fixed irregular problems relevant to Twitter Search and Trends for non-English languages
Okay, now you can download the new version 3.05 socially app for your Nokia N8 here.

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