Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Set Up 6 Home screens on Nokia N8

How to Set Up 6 Home screens on Nokia N8- Nokia Smartphones, allow me to explain how to set up 6 (six) homescreens. You know that set up the 3 home screens on Nokia N8 or any other Symbian^3 device is really easy, right now we are going to discover ways to set up 6 home screens on our device.
How to Set Up 6 Home screens on Nokia N8
Notes before you set up 6 home screens:
This method will remove your phone’s settings, but doesn't delete files or apps installed in C:\ or E:\
All of responsibility for what could happen to your device is yours and yours alone. lol
Tips Set Up 6 home screens on Nokia N8 or another symbian ^3 operating system device :
  1. First, You must download and unzip the file 200159c0.
  2. After that you have to connect your nokia phone to your PC in mass storage mode. Automatically it connects as “Nokia Ovi Suite”. To operate as Mass Storage to go to “Menu> Settings> Connectivity> USB” and pick “Mass storage”. If you do this, Ovi Suite must be closed in the Computer (Laptop, Notebook) or connects quickly in Ovi Suite mode.
  3. Okay now you must go from the PC to the phone memory, E:\Private\200159c0 and copy the contents of the directory you have unzipped previously (install and import). In cases where no exists the folder, copy the folder (200159c0) to E:\Private.
  4. Next go to “Menu> Settings> Phone> Phone management> Factory settings> Restore”. In case explained that you have to close every connections, press the Power and set up in “Offline. “
  5. Soon after rebooting the nokia phone, press Options from the desktop and select “New Home screen”. And what do you look now? You have 6 homescreens on your nokia N8 !.

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