Friday, February 11, 2011

Picture: A Concept Nokia Microsoft

Picture: Concept Nokia Microsoft- Nokia Smartphones, after nokia declare windows phone as its primary smartphone operating system a few hours ago, now there is a concept phone which is believed to come from the collaboration the two companies (Nokia and Microsoft). The concept is seen that Nokia holds the hardware while maintaining its distinctive designs that combine NokiaN8 and Nokia C7, while Microsoft fills the interface software with Windows Phone 7. The linkage between the hardware of the Nokia and Microsoft are visible from the three buttons at the bottom of which is a typical buttons  of Windows Phone 7.
Photo Source engadget

Please note that although the model looks Nokia N8 or Nokia  E7, but seems unlikely to be possible to replace the operating system on both the mobile phone with Windows Phone 7. But the emergence of the concept of the Nokia-Microsoft this can be seen that Nokia and Microsoft have long cooperated in this field.

What is with this cooperation Nokia would be able to break through the U.S. market? Is Nokia Symbian smartphone user community will accept this change with a positive? Or even the opposite of two? Let's wait.

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